The YouTube hacked P.T. camera again and revealed another batch of secrets

Author YouTubeShesez posted a new video as part of the Boundary Break series, where he sends the camera for free flight outside of game locations to find something interesting there.

This time Shesez explored P.T., and YouTube Lance McDonald helped him in this, who provided the necessary material. For example, from the video you can find out that the ghost of Lisa catches and kills a player if he falls through the textures outside the map.

Also, behind the locked bathroom door, from which someone is breaking, there is actually nobody. The developers used two doors – one for animation, and the player opens the other later.

The authors used a similar technique in the episode with the window. One of them disappears, and after a moment another appears, which falls and breaks right in front of the player.

Finally, in the red labyrinth episode, you can see many unused eyeballs that rotate outside the walls of the corridor.

Other secrets of P.T.