“The Xbox Series S has every chance of breaking into the lead”: Phil Spencer made a forecast for sales of new Xbox consoles

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Recently Phil Spencer talked to the portal Kotaku and shared some interesting insights into the Xbox brand amid the upcoming console launch Xbox series x and Xbox series s

And while all the attention of hardcore gamers is focused on the powerful model with the Series X, which, according to the top manager Microsoft, will be the number one bestseller at launch, budget option Series S also plays an important role for the company. Moreover, the team leader Xbox believes that until the end of the generation “weak“the model in terms of sales may well overtake its older brother

“It seems to me that in the current generation, the cost of consoles will play a very significant role, and that is why the Series S has every chance of breaking into the leaders,” – shares his thoughts Phil Spencer.

The industry veteran also highlighted the fact that the ability to have a steady supply of consoles to stores is a key part of the upcoming console race, especially during the first few months. The huge demand for new devices promises really great success, but only if platform holders are able to respond to it in a timely manner

“I think we will sell absolutely every console that we put in stores. Interest in them will quickly drain the entire batch prepared for pre-orders. For the PlayStation, as for ourselves, it is the stable supply lines that will determine the market share,” concluded Spencer.

Launching consoles Xbox series x and Xbox series s assigned to 10th of November

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