Super Lucky’s Tale

Playful guys are among those developers who want to ride the most innovative technologies right away to be able to carve a space within a young ecosystem, and be able to survive far from the well-known brands and Blockbuster by the insured success.
The release of Lucky’s Tale on Oculus was an example of this will, especially in 2016, the year of the launch of this technology on the market. The result was more than good, and in spite of the highly-rated user basin, the title was enough to convince critics with its colorful style and a character really thought to entice any child to play.
A known title
For those who did not have the chance to play the original chapter, in many, considering the VR nature of the project, we will take Lucky’s pieces a red fox that can jump right and miss, hit the enemies with their tail and dig into the ground , in a title that is definitely a platform definable, meaning in the most classic style of the genre. There will be many kinds of puzzles, many of which are based around the “recovery and delivery” mechanics, where we will have to deal with platforms to retrieve an object, and then burdens with it, to retrace a part backwards, thus unlocking the phase next.
Finally, the aim of the game is to save our sister, recover the “book of Ages” and defeat Jinx, the diabolical enemy of the adventure. Overall,
We have tried it during the dedicated Showcase, succeeding in discovering the refined graphic detail, but above all the 4K resolution, which beyond all is felt with a title of this kind.
Super Lucky's Tale
Two complementary needs
Going back to the previous arguments, the underdog of Xbox One is surely a perfect environment for Playful’s expansionist gaming: on the one hand, an undoubted technological evolution with the Xbox One X native 4k and the lack of scratch of classic platforms on the same platform: the kind that for years does not stop losing publicity.
A situation that has met perfectly the needs of Microsoft to expand its offer and make it suitable for more and more players. Undoubtedly there is also to be admitted, however, that such a title has neither the strength nor the appeal to move players masses to the new console once it has been released but remains a further step towards solidification of its own lineup.