The world of Scorchlands combines magic and science fiction – review addiction

Polish publishing house Movie Games announced a new project. Scorchlands – a serene city-building simulator, this is the studio’s debut project Ringlab… And in it we have to help the magical bird people settle on a new planet.

To terraform, create new biomes and adapt the planet to life, we will use rituals. At the same time, the study of the technology tree will save the world from decline. And in the process we will be able to discover new sources of resources and decide how to use them more efficiently.

For the release version, the developers promise to prepare four biomes, 21 buildings, 36 types of resources and 47 different technologies. Over time, the game will be expanded and developed, but its main feature will remain unchanged: we will not be rushed anywhere and nothing will threaten, so the pace of the game can be chosen at our own discretion.

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