The work on the localization of the “anti-RPG” Moon dragged on – review

In 2019, the Japanese studio Onion games surprised fans of the classics, by releasing on Nintendo Switch the cult “anti-RPG” Moon: Remix RPG Adventure. The port is now simply called Moon, and should go out in the West. However, there were problems with this.
Autumn developers declaredthat a localized version will be released shortly after the Japanese release, which took place in October. Now the studio apologizedthat the process took so long, and warned that it was still far from complete.

Onion Games is a small studio, and the team involved in preparing the western version of Moon can be considered tiny at all. Others are busy with new projects that have not yet been announced.

The localization of Moon is actually progressing well! But it requires much, much more than just translating the text. I would say that the translation itself was completed by more than 70%, the degree of its entry into the game was about 20%, and debugging and verification were done by five percent.

I think that in general, the project is completed, perhaps, by about 40%!

Yoshiro Kimura, Head of Onion Games

Studio Onion Games in 2019, in addition to Moon, released in Steam and the Nintendo Switch has two more games Black bird and Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada. Both were positively received by the players.

As for Moon, the original game was released in 1997 on the PlayStation. In it, the hero suddenly got into the game, which took place before bedtime. But now he needed not to sow death and destruction, but to collect and grow universal love, freeing the souls of monsters.