The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 Cry Wolf

If I had one scene to illustrate the essence of the past Telltale Games, then I would choose the one in which dies one of the actors. Tellingly, before being discarded skates, it is sure to remember a word he said.

A few months and as many as five uneven episodes (middle of what must be confessed, is slack in comparison not only with great complication, but with vague end) we went to another proof of the complete scenario of insolvency

Telltale: heavy moral choices actually do not carry special meaning. Bigby from the fateful decision only depends on what character will flicker in the final or not.

In Cry Wolf, developers have completely forgotten about the interaction with the outside world: we are still in the game play, not watch the movie. One set opostylevshih QTE is replaced by another, followed by a long and pointless dialogue. The mouth of the wolf speaks the truth: how you try, all the same all will be bad.

Chase scene, for example, significant in terms of their absurdity. About the importance of the choice of hollowness even can not speak, but it is not the most important thing.

Tell me, friend, why are you running away from me if you end up hiding in a place where I love you more than once caught? Always like this. Then I remember the second “The Witcher”, the authors of which are not too lazy to make an alternative version of one of the chapters. Budget The Wolf Among Us such extravagance can not afford, though, it would seem.

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Throughout the game each counter pimp and alcoholic considered himself entitled to thrash the sheriff, but only under the curtain Bigby tired of enduring the continuous cuffs, fractures and gunshot wounds.

At once, the Wolf has revealed itself in all its glory, but why so late? By the way, it is here the only one who is more or less sane and deserves our sympathy. For Wolf, like us, has not fully all the information. Therefore it sits in a dead-end with us.

The members of the commune fabulous hardly express their thoughts. Which is why they have all the The Wolf Among Us, and had problems with Bigby. But Cry Wolf degree of idiocy reached boiling point in the brain: the killer is trying to appeal to the sheriff’s conscience. A Telltale pleadingly looks at it from the side: Well, how is it? Yes way.

The apogee of the season – a dialog scene where we definitely will remember at least part of the past achievements. So what, it turns out, all this time we pulled the rope and flipped script inoperative switches consequences: to the final one of the extras pointed at us with his crooked finger. “Remember the head of such an episode so and so? You scared me there offended! “So that’s it. Indicative of “throwing” the public, made, apparently to create the illusion of confrontation between the hero and his opponent. In fact, it looks like a flock of sheep poaching in its corral. Much funnier scenario in which the antagonist is trying to start an old plate, “we’re so much alike, you and me.” No, I’m sorry, I’m not, I did not. But the script is a meanness of the player does not expect a conviction because the villain says: “See, look at him! I told you! ”

That’s all. Next – juicy finale, which in reality – mocking the dots. Worthy end the story, in which none of your choice so everything plainly and not affected. In the end – what’s the difference? Are you doing the right thing for the wrong reason or the wrong in their struggle for justice – is one outcome. Elegant atmosphere, sometimes a fascinating story and a postscript, lured into the maelstrom of the next season – Achievements are not many, but they are.

And about (not) murdered characters experience love with Telltale products can say the following: in the future they will not tenants. In one way or another. So whether or not to get upset?