The Witness

Seven long years. This is the time we had to wait to enjoy the new game from the creator of the great platform game Braid: Jonathan Blow . The 44-year-old American has taken his time to complete his second work, which was originally conceived for PS3 and Xbox 360but which, however, has been delayed several times since 2011 to 2016 so that, even the smallest detail was perfect for the mind of Blow, skipping along a whole generation of consoles and going on sale starting next January 26 for PC,


PS4 and who knows if later also for Xbox One . The Witnesshe proposes us to enter a magical adventure, he proposes us to explore an island in which we will be completely alone and, although the premise of the game is really simple, go solving puzzles to know all the truths that surround the land where we are, at a playable, the title, it is not so.

The Witness (PC) screenshot

But let’s go in parts because, the first thing that will amaze us about Blow’s new work is not his puzzles or his difficulty, which we will


talk about later, but the great finishing on a graphic and, above all, artistic level, which has The Witness, which enters our eyes from the first moment we turn on our PC or console, we take control and we look at the screen to contemplate the beautiful landscape that this island offers us. Trees, temples, castles, boats, flowers, rivers, swamps, the sun hitting our face …


the title mixes a lot of elements that could not be better combined and that, on more than one occasion, will make us leave aside the puzzles, and that we dedicate ourselves to explore each zone, each corner of this wonderful place where we are, in appearance, without any reason.

And is that, thanks to this graphic finish (which we can only put the but a slight << popping >> in some areas where there are a lot of trees) and the beauty of its landscapes, the game we It makes it very easy to exploit another of its characteristics, which is the total freedom to travel from end to end of the island, to put a song by Mike Oldfield or a bit of, Tropical House, New Age or Chill Out

in our music player and, after this, get lost in their places investigating, trying to find the key pieces of what the hell has happened, imagining the answers to


all the questions that we are asking as we move through the game, exploring in search of secret places and finding elements scattered throughout the map that will serve to shed some light on our history or simply take a walk to relax contemplating the landscape.

The Witness (PC) screenshot

Although, of course, the central axis of the game is none other than the different puzzles that we find, through which we can go, little by little, opening new areas and discovering thanks to this, in a very subtle way, all the mysteries of the history that surrounds the island of which, as is logical, we will not talk to you so as not to spoil you one iota of everything that the game has to offer you.


We will not focus too much on telling you about the mechanics of the puzzles since, one of the most challenging elements of the game is precisely the absence of any tutorial that explains how to solve them, making the game a constant challenge for the player.

Obviously, we will start with simple puzzles, with mere labyrinths in which we will have to go from point A to point B. Little by little, the diagrams will get complicated, having to control two paths at a time in mirror mode and betting on a lot of different formulas and challenging.


The challenge is sometimes such that, many times, you will be surprised looking for a pencil and a paper to trace all the possible paths in dirty, or even running your screen smoothly with your fingers to trace, in a physical way, the different paths that you can Take or the solutions that you think the different puzzles have. And, The Witness is a challenge even for the most experienced players in this type of game. So much so that, when finishing a puzzle