The Witcher showrunner spoke about Mark Hamill’s desire to play Vesemir

Edition IGN in conversation with Lauren Hissrich asked show runner The Witcher from Netflix to comment on the desire of Mark Hamill in the series to play the role of Vesemir, mentor Geralt of Rivia.
Back in the spring of 2018, Mark Hamill announced that he could play Vesemir, but honestly admitted that he knew nothing about the universe or about the character. Then the studio reacted to this statement of the actor of one emoji CD Projekt RED.

In December 2019, shortly after the premiere of the first season of The Witcher, Mark Hamill said that he had not yet been offered to play Vesemir. Hissrich has already responded to this message from the same emoji as CDPR.

However, in a conversation with IGN, the showrunner was more verbose.

It was one of those first moments in working on The Witcher, when I thought: “Oh God, is this really possible? Does Mark Hamill really know what it is and is interested in participating? ”

Mark has always been interesting to me and to the project itself. We have not yet contacted his agent, because while we are not looking for actors for this role, however, I like what is happening on the Internet and the reaction of fans.

We saw that the Witcher has a huge number of fans, and if you add fans to them Star wars. From this, my brain explodes a little.

Lauren Hissrich

Recall that Netflix has already extended The Witcher for the second season, the filming of which will begin earlier this year, and the release is expected no earlier than 2023. At the same time, the authors promise a more focused plot.