The Witcher – Netflix The Witcher show runner shared new info on season two

Showranner of the series “The witcher“by Netflix Lauren Hissrich using her own Twitter account confirmed that in the second season the past villains Kagyra and Fringilli will be disclosed in more detail.

“I can’t wait in the second season of the series to dig deeper into the past of Kagyr and Fringilla … Who are they, why is Nilfgaard important and where will the plot go further … This is one of my favorite parts of the new season,” wrote Hissrich .

It is worth recalling that in the first season of the series, a knight from Nilfgaard Kagyr attempts to capture Princess Tsiri, and the enchantress Fringilla, who is on the side of the empire, confronts Jennifer and the other magicians in the battle for Sodden Hill.

The premiere of the second season of The Witcher is due to take place in 2023.. However, the series is currently temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic..

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