The Witcher book series reissued with Henry Cavill on the cover – review

The upcoming premiere of the series “The witcher»In reading Netflix looks like one of the most important events of the outgoing year. The streaming channel and the creators of the show do not skimp on advertising – and often take a very creative approach.

In a number of online stores appeared new edition of the book series The Witcher. Unusual: book covers are decorated with posters for the series and the logo of the channel itself. So far, the output of Netflix-edition in Poland, France and the UK.

Books with Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt of Rivia should go on sale simultaneously with the premiere of the series: December 20.

After the success of a series of games The witcher Geralt appeared on the covers of the reprints in the form in which he invented CD Projekt RED. Then Andrzej Sapkowski was not particularly pleased, emphasizing at every opportunity that his books were known before the games. He seems to be more supportive of Netflix products.

Meanwhile, Cavill himself began to read: he read the very first story about The Witcher, “Last wish“. His audiobook was illustrated with short fragments from a future series.

Henry Cavill reads The Witcher in an English translation. And those who want to hear the famous story in the original can compare the Netflix video with the audiobook recorded by Polish actor Krzysztof Gostyla (“Fire and sword“,”Taras Bulba“).