The Uncrowned King: New Teaser for The Wheel of Time presented

Company Amazon has published a new teaser for one of its most ambitious projects. It’s about the series “Wheel of Time“(The wheel of time), based on the work of the cult writer Robert Jordan

In March was presented short video with Rosamund Pikewho will play Moiraine DamodredAes Sedai from Blue Aya. And on April 28, a teaser appeared in which you can look at the actor Daniel Henney in the guise of the Guardian Moiraine – the uncrowned king Malkir al’Lana Mandragoran.

The premiere date of the first season of “The Wheel of Time” has not yet been revealed.

As previously reported, Josh Stradowski got the main role Randa al’ToraMarcus Rutherford and Barney Harris will play his companions – Perrina Aybaru and Matt Coughton respectively. Zoe Robins got the role Nynaeve al’Mira, but Madeleine MaddenEgwene al’Vir

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