The Tyrian Chronicle: 7 Things To Do Before Path of Fire Releases

We are just 7 weeks away from the launch of Path of Fire and if you’re anything like me you’re now in planning mode. I have 26 characters, most of them are 80 but not all of them. I have a full bank, my character’s bags are a disaster, and I’ve only got one character who is fully ascended. My to do list is growing all the time. But you might be asking yourself what you can be doing to prepare for Path of Fire. Well, I’ve put together a handy list of things you can be doing to get yourself ready for September 22nd.


Legendary Journey

Path of Fire Releases

Decide if you want any of the legendary weapons that are currently available for the upcoming elite specializations. I have a feeling that Bolt is going to be especially popular for Weavers, the new Elementalist elite spec. Even if you aren’t interested in a legendary weapon yourself, you can start saving the materials for a future weapon. Though keep in mind we’re looking at about 4-5 months before we have another legendary weapon reveal. If you wanted to earn some cash, this is also the perfect opportunity to do so through legendary weapons. Flameseeker Prophecies was shown in the official video revealing the new Guardian elite specialization called Firebrand. Firebrand is all about books and the Flameseeker Prophecies shield has that very thing on it.

Making a legendary weapon gives you a lot of different options for things to do. You’ll have to do fractals, complete open world zones, and of course collect materials. Oh, so many materials. You can do material runs but they do get a bit tiresome after a while. Instead, it might be better to park all your high-level areas and try to log everyone in once a day at the very least.


Finish Heart of Thorns and the Living Story

Are you all caught up on the story so far? There’s much more to be done I’m afraid. The living story hasn’t just been about the story. It has also given us ascended gear which we can buy from replaying the zones. This is by far the easiest way to get your characters into ascended gear. Which is important to someone like me with 26 alts. Plzsendhelp.

If you haven’t finished playing through the Living Story because you missed some or all of the episodes you can buy them and get caught up.


Roll Up a New Character

If you’ve bought the deluxe edition of Path of Fire then you have yourself a new character slot and an instant 80 booster, why not do something with them? Maybe you’re like me and the two warriors you have don’t really work with Spellbreaker. Why not roll up another warrior like I will be? OhgodwhydoIdothistomyself?

A new character has the added benefit of needing ascended armor. Which means more work to be done. You can do this in WvW even if you want.


Play Nightfall or Brush Up on Elonian Lore

Do you know who Palawa Joko is? Or why we’re going North to Vabbi? It might be the perfect opportunity for you to play Guild Wars Nightfall, or at least do some heavy wiki reading from Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Find out why Guild Wars veterans were so excited to see Livia in the last part of the living story and also learn about a region of the world that has been cut off from the rest of Tyria. If you like you can also read up on the events that tore Destiny’s Edge apart during their fight with the elder dragon Kralkatorrik. You can read all about that on the wiki or you can grab the novel Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King.


Spend Hours in the Makeover Kit Designing an Elonian

New Human faces and hair have been added to the game, so why not have some fun with them?! They’re designed to make your character look like they’re from Elona, though this does need to come with a warning. If you play with the makeover kit you will want to buy one or possibly roll up a whole new character. I’ve already spent quite a bit of time playing around with it trying to decide what my new Warrior should look like when I eventually make her. I think I did a pretty good job.


Clear Out Your Bank and Bags

If you’re like me then your bags and bank might be a little bit of a disaster. Okay, that might even be an understatement in my case, but now is the time to slowly go through everything. See what you want to keep, sell what you can, use things you aren’t using yet. All so you can make space for more stuff! You can also take this time to give characters bigger bags so you have more space to hold your sweet, sweet loot in Path of Fire.

That Shaman has also given everyone a reminder on Twitter that last time there was a preview weekend in Guild Wars 2, banks and wallets were copied over but any items on characters were not. So if you want to play the preview with your legendary weapons, or ascended armor you should store them in your bank.


Gather Materials for Your Guild Hall

A new guild hall is coming! Thanks to previous experience we already know what kinds of things go into building up guild halls, so this is your guild’s chance to get a head start. Make a list of things you’ll want to have large supplies of and start working. Keep in mind that it’s unlikely the materials will be exactly the same, though who knows, maybe Elona has a terrible shovel shortage that only we can fix.


Even though this list only has 7 items on it I already have a massive list of things to do. Here’s my list:

  • Pre-order Path of Fire
  • Create a Warrior, Auto-80 her, then give her armor and weapons
  • Go Back Through Living Story Zones and Buy the Home Instance Nodes
  • Level My Non-80s
  • Read Up on Elona
  • Clean Out My Bags and Banks (Don’t forget the guild banks!)
  • Unlock Armor Skins I Want For New Desert Looks
  • Farm Elder Wood in Orr
  • Get Caught up on my Home Instance Cats


What does your to do list look like? Don’t forget to book time off from work if you can for the launch of Path of Fire on September 22nd.