“The time has come” – N’Zot’s Vision update has been released for World of Warcraft

Company Blizzard entertainment announced the release of the update “Visions of N’Zoth“for World of warcraft. It completes the story told in the appendix Battle for Azeroth. In addition, new allied races appeared in the role-playing game, a raid on the estate of N’Zoth, Ni’alot, attacks in Uldum and the Eternal Blossom Valley, and terrible visions of the future of Azeroth. The developers also implemented a number of changes aimed at improving the gameplay.

What happens after installing the update:

  • Two new allied races will appear in the game – fox-like vulpuers (Horde) and skillful mechanognomes (Alliance).
  • In different areas of Azeroth, invasions of the forces of N’Zoth will begin and portals will open in the terrible visions of the Ancient God.
  • The heroes will have the opportunity to get new weapons and armor infected with corruption, as well as improve the legendary cloak of Ashjra’kamas, the Veil of Resolve.
  • A new raid will allow you to visit the heart of the Black Empire, the awakening city of Ni’alot and other locations.

Further information is available. on the official site.

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