“The Third Option to Enjoy the Story” – Netflix’s The Witcher show runner explained why the series is an adaptation of books, not games

Everyone knows that “The witcher»From Netflix is a television adaptation of a series of fantasy books by a Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Why the authors of the show did not take the trilogy of the same name as the primary source CD Projekt RED, tried to explain the showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.

According to Hissrich, American viewers are more familiar with games than with books.

“I think that American viewers mostly learned about Geralt from video games,” she says. “Answer [почему сериал является адаптацией книг] very simple: video games themselves are based on books. They are an adaptation of books. I did not see the point of creating an adaptation based on adaptation.

This allows us to tell the story of The Witcher, but only in a different way, ”she added. “I think many video game fans are worried that we are taking something from them. That we usurp something that belongs to them. And the truth is, I love video games. They will not go anywhere. They are insanely successful. I can only hope that our show will be so successful. Video games won’t go anywhere, and books won’t go anywhere. This is just the third way to enjoy the same characters and the same world. ”

Earlier it was reported that CD Projekt has settled relations with the author of the series of books “The Witcher” Andrzej Sapkowski regarding the continuation of the series.

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