The teacher undressed in front of the students and showed everything

It became known how one teacher decided during the lesson to remove all unnecessary from herself and show herself to schoolchildren who were shocked by what they saw.

A teacher from Spain decided to surprise her students and at the same time increase their knowledge of anatomy. According to, 43-year-old Veronica Duque conducted an anatomy lesson in a costume that describes and shows human organs in great detail. It is worth noting that this teacher teaches from third graders and is constantly looking for new ideas on how to make lessons more interesting. “Once I was on the Internet and saw this suit on AliExpress. Knowing how difficult it is for young children to visualize the location of internal organs, I thought it was worth trying a lesson in this costume, ”said Veronika Duque. She also added that she has been teaching for 15 years. Moreover, the teacher teaches not only the natural and social sciences, but also art, as well as English and Spanish.

It is worth noting that initially the photos of Veronica Duque in an unusual suit were posted on the network by her husband Michael, who posted them on his Twitter account. “I’m very proud of the amount of ideas my wife has,” Michael wrote. The message of Veronica’s husband immediately gained popularity on the network and gathered a huge number of comments. The primary school teacher herself notes that she still has a lot of ideas with which she can surprise her students. “I would like for society to stop considering teachers as lazy civil servants. We, of course, are not like that, ”said Veronica Duque. She also added that she also uses various costumes in history classes.

According to, users in the comments praised Veronica Duque’s enthusiasm and idea. Some regretted that they did not have such teachers.