The Talos Principle


And it is that the new of the study is a turn of 180º with respect to his previous projects, finding us with an adventure in first or third person that mixes a great design of puzzles with philosophy, biblical enigmas and ideas that will make that more than one player squeeze the head.


But let’s go step by step and start with what the title offers us at a playable level, which is not little. The Talos Principle gathers the witness of the best puzzle games, having undoubtedly a good part of its inspiration centered on Portal, the work of Valve that perhaps is the best reference in the genre of puzzles. We will start our adventure in a kind of Greek temple that will help us to have a

Final Fantasy XIII-2

first contact with the basic mechanics of the game thanks to which we can imagine everything that this experience will bring us, with puzzles that, without reaching extreme difficulty , if that can provoke our frustration, challenge the mind and have in our heads how to solve that riddle that chokes us all day long, no matter where we are until, finally,

To solve these puzzles we will need several tools, although the main one is no other than an object called Hammer, which allows us to open certain doors or deactivate some of the defenses that will try to prevent us from picking up similar pieces to those of an iconic game such as be Tetris

We will need these pieces to be able to open our way along this adventure and to unlock the two extra tools that we will need to solve the most advanced puzzles of the game.


Therefore, the first thing we will aspire to is to unlock these useful objects and then solve puzzles, collecting fragments, discovering new levels or extras and explore the whole world of The Talos Principle with almost absolute freedom.

ss_b3390191dc73402adc6f78626d2b71df6cb6280a.1920x1080.jpg Screenshot


This freedom when choosing the order of puzzles and riddles is a great twist to a playable formula that in the rest of the aspects is not something new (something quite difficult in a genre such as the puzzle ) but which maintains an almost perfect balance between fun, difficulty and challenge for the most demanding players thanks to these challenges developed most of the time in open spaces,


although without giving up the most classic puzzles that will pose a Once we collect the pieces of “Tetris” mentioned above, which we must assemble in a certain way to create the key that allows us to put our hands on these new tools so useful to solve the next challenges.

talos_5.jpg Screenshot

ss_8de9e60ed6033b0c3de6bbd42182c36c6cd004f2.600x338.jpg Screenshotss_118f25037014b3cfbca9c64dca5aa89426738251.600x338.jpg Screenshot

To help the players to a certain extent, scattered around the different points of the stage, there are several signs that indicate the direction in which the pieces that we have to collect are. In addition to this small guide, these posters also have a fairly common color code that indicates the difficulty of the puzzle we are going to face (green for the simplest, yellow for the intermediate difficulty …)


giving the possibility to the players choose the itinerary they think most convenient depending on the inspiration they have that day or, simply, the desire they have to squeeze their heads in each moment, a detail that will undoubtedly please many users.

En definitiva, por todo esto el título respira un aire de libertad siendo casi un sandbox de puzzles. Con estas pocas restricciones y sin contar, como hemos dicho antes, con ningún orden prestablecido The Talos Principle se da a si mismo un toque de aire fresco que lo diferencia del resto de sus competidores en el género.

Everything said above is what we find The Talos Principle in terms of playable level, but the title of Croteam seeks to go a little further to get into a title full of philosophy,


ideological depth and a strong moral burden, playing not only with mythology, ethics or purer philosophy, but also with the opinion of society regarding Artificial Intelligence and even with the Bible to which reference is made during the course of the game, making players think and reflect about several of the ideas that are exposed during the plot.

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This plot begins, precisely, within a few minutes of starting the game when we discover that our virtual alter ego is a robot and that he calls himself a kind of God. To discover our history and all the teachings that the creator has prepared for us, we must overcome the different


challenges of the adventure and consult files on a computer that will become one of our best friends and which we will access through a very similar code to the classic MS-DOS Operating System that many will remember of your early childhood, since it would be present, with or without windows, in your 386.

All this plot load gives a much more profound and elitist cut, but, however, can get to overwhelm and even become something heavy for certain types of players who,


for whatever reason, do not want or can reflect on everything that the Croteam’s title proposes us. In addition, most of this plot load is presented with a heavy load of text, completely renouncing the cinematic and forcing users to read a handful of text, with nothing to dress the reading, something that will be heavy even for the most fond of narrative and reading users.