“I had an idea to skip these qualifications.” Fng about reshuffle in the CIS and the game with standin

Artyom Fng Barshak commented on reshafl in the CIS before regional qualifications on ESL One Los Angeles 2023 by Dota 2. According to the captain Gambit esports, he thought to skip the qualifiers due to the depressed mood of the team after the situation with Danil gpK ~ Skutin. Barshak shared these thoughts in a vlog with the bootcamp for the team channel on YouTube.

About reshuffle in a team

“It is still difficult to give a direct comment, because a lot of things are happening outside the eyes of the viewer and so far there is no 100% solution. At the moment we will play with Rostislav fn Lozov this qualification. Unfortunately, it so happened that one organization tried to make its composition very strong, but so far everything has stalled at this stage. Why this happened – I think we are not yet ready to comment. I think that in a month or a month and a half, maybe sooner or later, there will be full information about this. ”

About the decision to make a replacement

“When this whole topic started, I initially had the idea to skip these blocks. To play in such a lineup is very difficult because everyone was crushed. On the other hand, we understand that we are skill guys, and everyone has exactly the same problem as ours, so we decided to play. Skipping for almost two months is not the most pleasant solution. <…> Naturally, I always want to show the best result – go to the major, and look further. ”

About playing with fn

“I already played with fn before, and the guys also played a lot of pubs with him. I will not say that there were some super surprises. Everything is within the expected, but so far we are at a stage where a lot of things need to be started from the beginning. Much needs to be rebuilt. Let’s see how it goes. ”

About other replacement options

“We had a couple of options, but everything was limited in time, because we learned about it two weeks before the qualification. The second problem is that it’s ugly to do this in relation to other teams. I think that many players from other teams would like to go to us, but I would not want to do this with respect to the other team: ‘Bro, come on to us, we have more chances to get out. Come on in two weeks, you will substitute one team and move to us. ” We simply didn’t even want to put people in such a position. ”

On February 4, Gambit Esports announced that gpK ~ was transferred to the reserve due to a refusal to participate in the bootcamp of the team. Instead, fn will perform at the qualifiers for the third major of the season.

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