The switch version of The Outer Worlds has been postponed indefinitely due to coronavirus, but there is good news.

Role play release The outer worlds for console Nintendo switch delayed due to an outbreak of coronavirus in China. About this on a page on Twitter reported by the publisher Private division, explaining that the virus “affected” the Shanghai team of port developers VirtuosTherefore, the company would like to provide them with more time so that the production of the game was completed properly.

In a subsequent tweet, Private Division clarified that everything is in order with Virtuos, but due to the situation with the development of the coronavirus epidemic in the country, the developer office is still closed. Now the publisher is working with the team to determine updated development dates and will soon share additional information about the new release date.

But there is good news. Firstly, now the boxed editions of The Outer Worlds for Switch will be equipped with a cartridge instead of a digital code, as originally planned, and secondly, the total global sales of the game on other platforms have exceeded the mark of 2 million copies.

According to the Take-Two quarterly report published at night, the Switch version of The Outer Worlds will be released in the next fiscal year, that is, from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. Initially, the game was supposed to appear on March 6, 2020.

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