The surviving castaway

 Force of Nature Game review


What is  force of nature? A sandbox that tries to combine multiple genres: take a pinch of Minecraft regarding the collection of resources and the construction of objects and buildings, add numerical elements typical of role-playing as values ​​of attack, defense, resistance to temperature and regeneration of life and stamina (fatigue), enter growth levels and quests and get ready to manage farm fields and farm animals.


It does not end here, you’ll have to fight goblins, ferocious animals, ghosts and monsters; wear armor, amulets and explore a world of areas with different unique flora and fauna characteristics in an exponential growth of things to do and keep under control. All this is the game created by Russian developer Artem M Yatchenko and his team; unfortunately it is exclusively single player and, at least for now, there do not even seem to be any plans for multiplayer.


Beyond that, we will also see how, between the limits of the game, there is to be considered a really exaggerated request of things to do that lead the “resource farming”, if only for the casual players, at a sometimes frustrating level. If you’ve come this far and are wondering if it’s too much to make a shake of these different kinds of games,

Quest and many things to do in Force of Nature but always in full freedom

 Force of Nature Gameplay


The initial impact is not the best, in fact, the camera allows us only to turn around the main character (which moves with the classic keys W, A, S, D) and does not allow movements in different directions nor the slightest zoom, moreover , hangs when we open the menus and makes an appearance the arrow of the mouse that serves to collect objects (also feasible with CTRL key without opening these menus); progressing in the game you get used to the camera and this aspect begins to overshadow.


The game interface is well structured with 8 fast slots, in which you can insert weapons, work tools and food (necessary for the recovery of stamina and life) and with a menu, recalled with the letter I that opens the inventory and shows the slots of the various parts of the body for the equipment. 


Under the equipment slots there are the 6 important menus that can all be called via fast keys, except those in the encyclopedia, which shows all the objects in the game, and the panel of the character’s characteristics, which we will discuss shortly.

The surviving castaway

With the Q key you can see which quests have already been carried out and which are still to be done. C opens the manual crafting menu (which basically allows you to build some objects anywhere and without using work tables or permanent workstations) while the B (buildings) opens a panel with various choices, all aimed at constructing, moving or demolishing buildings and fixed buildings.


Whether they are useful for production such as fireplaces, anvils, forges,workplaces and the like, be they decorative like fixed torches, palisades , fences or paving; with the M you can open the map, rather stylized, in which you are identified by a red arrow while the terrain is displayed with a style made of pixels of various colors that make you sense the presence of different types of elements such as rocks, trees or enemies easily recognizable as they are marked with a red dot.


Finally, we can not omit the Spacebar that allow you to show all the names of objects that can be collected within a certain distance from the character (you will find yourself pressing it continuously because of its fundamental usefulness).

Returning to the panel of the characteristics of the character in force of nature game, within it has several interesting elements – also expressed numerically – that grow with the increase of the level of the character: there is a value for the damage of our attack that varies depending on the weapon, one for the resistance to damage that instead varies with the armor, one of the regeneration of life and stamina,


(You can not drive naked vehicles in a cold area, on pain of death, and you can hardly move or make excessive heat). The alternation of day and night in the game seems to have a purely aesthetic value and does not change the temperature, the same applies to the frequent thunderstorms.