The Surge – run away, Sally!

Japanese from From Software managed to make a really unique game, which turned the genre on its head. Forget what you know about the combat system, experience and junk, we fall out of the defeated enemy – in Dark Souls that works differently. The game does not lead you to the handle in the direction of hundreds of markers, it does not tell about the features of a weapon does not give advice on how to sovladet with some ugly mug. You just put before a choice: either learn to do by trial and error, or lower a little pants and are ready to feel a sharp pain just below the tailbone. There is a third option – simply throw the disc out the window and did not play more in Dark Souls , but it is for wimps. I think that such thoughts and inspired employees Deck13.

Classes in the game, but you can choose between easy and hard exoskeleton.  Light - fast, heavy - durable.Classes in the game, but you can choose between easy and hard exoskeleton. Light – fast, heavy – durable.

It is evident that Deck13 loves a series of Dark Souls and diligently tried to repeat its success with its Lords of the of the Fallen , which was published in October 2014. In part she got it, but even in spite of some interesting ideas, too much delayed the game back, not giving to their fullest potential.

And the studio is on the second run, but this time instead of the sinister castle and fanged monsters in robes, we offer walks in industrial zones and scuffle with forklifts.

Action The Surge is set in a world where greed and stupidity of people have led to the depletion of natural resources – and there really have any problems and the social plan, and mass sickness and all sorts of other troubles. As the developers say, they tried to draw unpleasant future of humanity, in which scientific and technological progress is detrimental to the environment and the moral character of the people, causing the decadence.

Head off the shoulders!Head off the shoulders!

It’s good that this whole mess is taken rake natured of Creo Corporation, which offers everyone become physically better, faster and more perfect, owning a personal exoskeleton.

Being easily suggestible, the protagonist is conducted on advertising and sent to the office for Creo this vundervafley, which should return him to walk. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the main character – an invalid, confined to a wheelchair.

In general, the idea of ​​making the protagonist a helpless hostage unenviable circumstances is not new, but from that it does not become irrelevant or uninteresting.

Not all steel robotic zombies, some just cut.  Like cattle.Not all steel robotic zombies, some just cut. Like cattle.

After a brief introduction, the protagonist becomes the victim of a failure of the program, which starts screwing his body exoskeleton without anesthesia, and when it comes to the implantation of brain implant, Warren (the name of our hero) just chopped off from a painful shock. A little later, he finds himself at some dump and understands that it is necessary to bring down from Creo as soon as possible. Well, what he actually earned his feet.

That’s all the fun in the storyline of The Surge , in fact, ends with, because on the whole story will be served quite crumpled.

Many of the questions the writers deliberately left unanswered, making the ending is not open to interpretation and speculation, and with prostetski stepping stone for The Surge 2 (or as an extension to be called there). Is that the inscription «To be continued» in the face do not poke.

Given that The Surge is passed for some 15 hours (what little crime genre), this line of writers like a deception and robbery in broad daylight.

Against scrap no reception.  As against the reinforcement.Against scrap no reception. As against the reinforcement.

And it’s incredibly disappointing, because if a Lords of the Fallen in Deck13 did not make a fuss and willingly introduces players to the parts of the storyline, in the case of The Surge developers decided to go the beaten Dark Souls track, leaving alone with solving a script by examining the different videos, listening to voice messages, and multiple stops almost at each terminal.

Next The Surge is trying to pull itself at the expense of gameplay, over and over again pitting Warren robots of different sizes and zombies in the exoskeleton.

As in the Souls games of the series, the gameplay The Surge requires a player to increased attention to the environment, control of the supply of the endurance of the protagonist and the ability to anticipate the actions of their opponents to know when to apply heavy blows, and when it is better to confine a few easy butting.

But by Deck13 it would be ugly, if she had not brought anything new in the popular formula.

In The Surge players can beat on a particular end, and details of his opponents. So, clobber plasma torch on the head of a zombie worker can inflict additional damage, making a brawl easier and faster, or you can squeal bludgeon his hands, trying to knock out their weapons, which can then be used and Warren himself.

A series of crushing blows, completed finishing moves, turn enemies into bloody fountain.A series of crushing blows, completed finishing moves, turn enemies into bloody fountain.

Because of this, at some point the game can turn into a hunt for spare parts. For example, if you liked the welding helmet, you should always go and beat the welders on the helmet itself. First embossing drawing desired things (whether the weapon or armor item), and then do the spare parts needed for its assembly.

And then, concentrating their attacks on a specific part of the body of an enemy, you can spend a unique and quite brutal finishing moves, in which Warren cleverly separates from enemies unnecessary parts of the body.

Some enemies are strong enough so that can easily deal with Warren alone.Some enemies are strong enough so that can easily deal with Warren alone.

Writing off their opponents in breakage, Warren makes a unique future currency that can be spent on the improvement of existing equipment and the new assembly. As in Dark Souls , death leads to the loss of all the accumulated junk, only if the player does not have time to run to him for a certain time or not deposited in the so-called safe room.