The Solus Project

today, as you know, a very popular game about survival and about space. And about survival in space, on some unknown planet or abandoned station. Therefore, for the next representative of the genre in advance are treated with prejudice. This skepticism is enhanced when you learn that the game supports the Oculus Rift, – just remember not too good experience ADR1FT and other projects, which are more like a technological demonstration with a minimum of gameplay.

All this – and space, and survival, and support for virtual reality – there and of The Solus by Project . However, skepticism about the new work the authors of a remarkable adventure The Ball evaporates faster than the day follows the night of the planet Gliese-6143-C, which has brought the main character.

Solus Project game review

All found records accurately recorded in the diary.

Stay alive! 

The plot in The Solus Project is both simple and tragic. In the near future the Earth, as well as the entire solar system was destroyed, but shortly before that mankind has managed to send several ships colonies in search of new worlds, where we could start all over again.

One of these ships went into orbit Gliese-6143-C of the planet, but was wrecked, and our ward was the only one in the rescue capsule reached the surface. And now he is almost the last hope of humanity for survival.

After this the strings it seems that you all already know in advance about this game. Now we are forced to collect all sorts of resources, something “Kraft” and master, to look for food, kindle fires and fend off aggressive natives. And the first minute only confirm these guesses: collect from scrap materials torch, drag it into the pocket of cans and bottles of water and notice the characteristics of a hero among the familiar indicators of hunger and dehydration.

And the global goal fits into the familiar concept – you need to find parts for telecommunication towers, which we need to build to get in touch with the rest of the ships-colonies.

Therefore, those who are fed up with the game, run the risk of quickly remove The Solus Project and with a clear conscience to forget about it. And for good reason.

Nature has bad weather! 

In fact, The Solus Project compares favorably to many analogues. Firstly, the very planet of Gliese-6143-C worked very detailed and interesting.

Aboriginal aggressive here there is little, but you can find unusual forms of flora and fauna, such as some sea urchins (well, very similar!), Who are afraid of fire and light, and scatter screaming right at your feet.

Solus Project game review

On the planet’s surface is terrible, uncomfortable and want to go home.

Our main enemy – the nature and climate of the planet. Here the weather is constantly changing: the heat of the day, the freezing cold at night, the snow, the rain and hail, the earthquake, tornado or some meteor rain … Plus the constant ebb and flow.

Therefore, feed, drink and put to bed a little hero – he can get sunstroke, get wet, drown, die of hypothermia. We have to look for sources of heat, keep warm, dry, or, conversely, hide in the shadows and seek shelter, to shelter from the rain or storm.

In this case, all of these perturbations weather, as well as in general, the entire landscape of the planet, look very impressive and beautiful – even without the Oculus Rift.

Secondly, there is no “randomness” – all locations are made “by hand”, and explore them really interesting. The more that they are full of all sorts of secrets, well tucked away and artifacts that give temporary or permanent bonus – increase resistance to cold or heat, increase the level of health, movement speed, add in your inventory, improve sleep quality, and so on.

Finally, the game did not overcharge you search for resources and “Kraft”. There is not need tinkering benches, doors, houses and weapons. All limited to simple and logical things: cut off the dry grass to ignite it, when you want to settle for the night near a heat source; fill empty bottles with water; We collect the torch and hammer, with which you can break the stone walls in some places.

The Mystery of the Third Planet

The main thing, of The Solus by Project – an adventure with elements of survival, but not vice versa. The authors especially want to tell an interesting story.

And so very well, gently but firmly guide us on the script, replacing the open, exposed to all the winds and rains location some dungeons, abandoned complexes and temples, which begins full-fledged adventure story.