NVIDIA prepares to conquer the processor market with ARM – The Wall Street Journal

Japanese holding company Softbank close to concluding a sale agreement in favor of NVIDIA processor manufacturer ARM… Reported by The wall street journal

According to preliminary data, the deal is estimated at $ 40 billion. And the edition The Financial Times with reference to its sources, claims that the sale will be officially announced on September 14th.

The Japanese acquired ARM for $ 32 billion in 2016, but failed to unleash the asset’s potential. As a result, shareholders, dissatisfied with low share prices, demanded to get rid of the processor manufacturer. However, given the size of the deal, questions may arise from monopoly bodies, which may oblige NVIDIA not to phase out the licensing of the ARM architecture to third parties.

The nuance is that under the terms of the deal Softbank will become the largest shareholder of NVIDIA. At the same time, a conflict is smoldering in ARM, because an attempt to dismiss the head of the Chinese division of the company Allen Wu failed.

As for NVIDIA, the new asset will allow it to strengthen its position in the mobile device market. In addition, the head of the company Jensen huang repeatedly talked about the fact that in the future notebooks with “green” video cards will become the most popular “game consoles” on the market. The graphics card maker is encouraged by the growth in notebook sales in China and Western Europe.

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