The Sims 4 – Evening Bowling Stuff

This is not the first time that the famous spinning sport comes to The Sims, let’s remember that it was introduced along with other content through some expansions of the chapters (The Sims 2 Night Life, The Sims 3 University Life). This, however, is the first time bowling is introduced with a package of its own and for this reason we had a discreet curiosity about any specific gameplay features.


The DLC looks good as a whole but does not offer a particularly focused bowling entertainment. This is one of the main aspects, double-cut, which we will try to analyze. Sims can interact with the track and train to the game, progressing five levels in this new secondary skill. The gaming experience, however, merely simply orders the action, the game doe


s not provide feedback on the progress of the challenge except for a summary score at the end. This is a bit annoying in the games involving more Sim, since it would be interesting and fun to follow the various moments of the match and the reactions o


f our characters more closely. Anyway, with the advancement in skill the sim can also choose the color of his bowling ball and finally try to complete a perfect match to unlock a last piece of furniture. Bowling does not have much to offer, but the rest of the package offers content mainly for items and apparel. However, we must remember that the choice of devel


opers was to use a Stuff Pack instead of a real expansive, as a result, the focus of the DLC is on objects rather than gameplay options. Keeping in mind this point we can only say that we would have liked to have more content on that front, but we can not complain too much.

The Sims 4 - Evening Bowling Stuff

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The game offers a fine variety of decorative items, all well-curated. Of the 40 new objects, the bulk can be used versatile in other contexts, which certainly increases the value of DLC. The style is refined and vaguely retro; certain sofas with matching tables


are just perfect for luxurious high-rise houses or exclusive public places. Do not worry, there is no doubt space for your creativity. All objects fit well with the previous contents, it will find you the most extravagant way to use them. The package also allows yo


u to convert any venues to bowling centers simply by adding the track inside the property: a further cue for those who prefer to build large public and local gathering points for the evenings with friends. If we are satisfied with the object side, we are a bit less enthusiastic about the clothing department. The general number of new clothes introduced is, however, not so significant to the already large list available. We can admire some boss that expresses the spirit of the package ver

y well but for the rest there are a few other surprises regarding the creation of the sim: a couple of new hairstyles and some gadgets themed. Ultimately we can say that the true point of this DLC is the decorative items, both the most versatile and the thematic ones. The price on Origin is 9.90 €, as with other Stuff Packs. However, if you were anxiously anxious to bowlin

g your Sim, think well before buying the package as, as anticipated, the real value of The Sims 4 Evening Bowling is in the décor. If your goal, instead, is to add a glittering twist to your halls, then this package will find a place of full respect in your collection.