Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

PopCap Games returns to the fray with one of the early generation sleepers: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. The third person action game that wanted to move the success of the plants against zombies of mobile devices managed to coalesce among a large group of players for a fresh and different proposal than what we are used to in the third-person action genre.

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Yes, there was something lacking in content and that ended up weighing in the general experience. PopCap Games seems to have taken note and in this new release the base that we already knew with a list of modalities, maps and much more solid possibilities is maintained. It’s war and it’s time to take sides.


What was a surprise in the months before the release of the first installment of the Garden Warfare saga is already a reality in view of the launch of this second iteration. A game that continues to be focused on multiplayer, but that makes several winks to users who want to enjoy, also, something that goes beyond firing plant and non-dead ammunition between teams of players.


It is something that is appreciated, although it may not be as polished as we would have liked. Everything starts from a great call the patio that is like our house. From there we will access the multiplayer (also with bots), the solo missions, the horde mode,


a board with challenges to gain experience, a cosmetics store and envelopes and other details, such as statistics, as well as some surprises and extras that we can go unlocking.

Plants vs.  Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PC) screenshot

For those who do not know what goes Plants vs Zombies: Modern Warfare, explain that basically going to shoot right and left with unconventional


characters. A zombie wooden leg pirate that can use a gigantic cannon, a druid rose capable of turning his enemies into goats, a zombie football player who attacks rivals and makes training dummies appear, a sympathetic sunflower that shoots from a distance and He cures his companions or a kind of zombie-small mucus


that runs at great speed and it’s a toothache to hit. It is not about having a cast of characters to each more extravagant, but of what they contribute to the gameplay. And it is enough. Each of them has their own abilities that change the way they face combat.

The aforementioned pirate with wooden leg has a revolver that is great at long distance and serves as a short shotgun, but in intermediate situations it does not serve much. It has an explosive barrel for skirmishes at point-blank range, with a cannon to shoot in the distance and with the possibility of controlling his parrot to shoot from the air with him.


The druid flower, on the other hand, has no use at a distance but is lethal in the melee: it can cast a spell that chains the enemy for a time, turn it into a goat and, if they go badly given, evaporate to escape. Another radically different example:


The zombie scientist. It has a main weapon that does not go wrong in the middle distance, but it stands out above all for its healing abilities (it supports the group), being able to escape with a sprint and leaving lethal bombs on the road.