The script for the second season of The Witcher has already been written, but the premiere is still in 2023

Showranner “The witcher“Lauren Hissrich in an interview with IGN said that the script for the second season has already been written, but the premiere will still take place only in 2023.

According to the author, the team of the series was considering the possibility of releasing the next season at the end of 2023, but in the end it was decided to hold onto the horses and not rush during production due to the complexity of the process.

As Hissrich recalls, post-production of the first season was incredibly fast, but with new episodes, the team’s leadership wants to give specialists as much time as needed for the best result.

We want to make sure that we have enough time for the second season, so as not to end it in the last minutes before the release.

Lauren Hissrich

At the same time, the scenario can still change during the filming and post-production. The showrunner calls his pages “alive.”

Now we are going to finalize the text, making sure that we tell the story in the right way. This will continue until July.

Lauren Hissrich

Apparently, the desire to give the team more time is associated with some criticism of the first season. And the producer of the project has already admitted that in the first season they made mistakes.

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