The schoolboy made a copy of Lamborghini and received the real

A 12-year-old student became interested in car simulators, and suggested that his father build an exact copy of the Lamborghini supercar in his garage. After that, the schoolboy and his father found in their garage a real sports car Lamborghini worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to, the Sterling Backus man from Colorado, along with his 12-year-old son named Xander, became famous after they began building an exact copy of the Lamborghini Aventador sports car in their own garage. In their work, the Bakus family mainly used a 3D printer, on which they reproduced the necessary details in full size. The family spent more than 18 months on the project, and has still not completed the construction of the machine. But once, going down to the garage, a schoolboy found a real Lamborghini Aventador S car instead of a copy there and was shocked by this event.

As it turned out, the official creation Automobili Lamborghini noticed the impressive creation of the Bakus, and decided to give the engineers the opportunity to independently test the real model of the Lamborghini Aventador S. Sterling Bakus said that he received an unexpected call from the official representative of the legendary car company, in which the man was offered a unique partnership offer. As a result of their labors, Sterling and Xander Bakusi received a real car from an official Lamborghini dealer, which they delivered directly to their place of residence. Engineers quietly replaced a copy of the Lamborghini with a real car, giving Xander a real surprise the next morning when he went down to the garage.

The family was allowed to use the car for several days to get the experience of driving a real supercar worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The experience of using the Bakus car was filmed on video, and was posted on the official Lamborghini channel in honor of the upcoming Christmas. An unusual video has already been watched by nearly 300 thousand viewers.

Sterling Bakus notes that he and his son were inspired to engage in such an unusual project by video games, in particular, a car simulator Forza horizon 3. At the same time, the enthusiast estimates the cost of his home printed Lamborghini Aventador at about $ 25,000 (more than 1.5 million rubles), and there are still several months of work left until the model is completed. According to, the manufacturer Lamborghini was inspired by the real story of Bakus’ passion and perseverance, and therefore found this example worthy of attention and an appropriate award.