The queue reached the speaker: HomePod mini found a problem with Wi-Fi

Smart speaker HomePod mini went on sale and some of the first customers to report connectivity issues Wi-Fi… On Apple Support Forum already suggested a fix, but it looks like this is only a temporary solution.

Affected users report that HomePod mini is disconnected from the Network and is also informed of this. Siri… This does not happen with other HomePod models. Apple’s suggested troubleshooting steps – including rebooting the speaker and resetting to factory settings – fix the problem in literally a couple of hours.

Users Reddit also faced with a similar problem. As one of them writes:

“I have the same problem with one of my minis. Music streaming seems to work fine when I control it directly (not from my phone / device, but that works fine too). However, when I ask the speaker to do something, it says that it has a connection problem.

After rebooting, it works fine for a while, but eventually returns to the same problem. “

HomePod mini runs on tvOS… It is expected that soon Apple will be able to solve this problem with the release of a software update.

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