The price is surprising: Burnout Paradise Remastered page for Nintendo Switch appeared in eShop

Running an action-packed racing game Burnout paradise from studio Criterion games held back in 2008 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. 10 years later Burnout paradise remastered got to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. She received all the released additions and various graphic improvements.

Last month we had a chance discover, what Electronic arts is preparing to release a version of the game for the hybrid console Nintendo switch. The exact release date was not disclosed then, but, just in time, the information from eShop arrived.

The American version of the Nintendo online store on the console itself says that the game will be released on Switch June 19, 2020. To purchase a remaster of a race of ten years ago they offer for a considerable amount – 50 USD.

An updated version of Burnout Paradise offers players the base game and 8 DLC packs including Big Surf Island, Burnout Bikes and Cops and Robbers. Gamers can drive 130 types of vehicles, and some new locations are available for study. The project has a single, multiplayer with the possibility of joint races with up to 8 people and Party mode for playing on one console in turn. The version for the hybrid console will be fully optimized to work in 60 FPS and offer touch-screen map management for easier navigation. To play online, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online account.

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