The power of shadows

Aragami review

The original concept comes from the collaboration of five students of the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, ​​one of the most prestigious universities in the Iberian Peninsula. The academic version is titled “Path of Shadows” and is available free for download via the official website.


After receiving various awards, the original team decided to continue on the path of independent development by founding the Lince Works studio.


Aragami was put in place with the aim of deepening and expanding the mechanics already explored in the previous experimentation, using sources of inspiration ranging from Tenchu ​​to Dishonored, while on the exquisitely artistic level reference works like Okami and Journey were referenced .


The game is available for download from last October 4 on PlayStation 4 and PC, but in the future should also arrive aragami xbox one. However, aragami ps4 users can opt for a packaged version that includes the soundtrack disc and an exclusive artbook.

Aragami favors stealth, therefore infiltration always prevails over the frontal attack

Aragami gameplay


Aragami pc is a vindictive spirit evoked at the end of darkness with an ancient ritual. The player-controlled entity has the guise and capabilities of a killer and can take advantage of the shadows to act without being noticed. Immediately we learn that to request help is Yamiko, a girl imprisoned by the dangerous Kaiho clan in the fortress city of Kyuryu.


The young woman is one of the few survivors of her village and being subjugated in the dungeons of the temple, decides to support the advance of aragami meaning through its own spiritual projection. With the favor of darkness the player is instructed to make his way through the outposts controlled by the soldiers of Kaiho, in order to recover some precious objects and access the fortress without being noticed.


To succeed in the business one must exploit the shadows, paying attention to stay as long as possible in the darkness.

The power of shadows

The guards of the Light are able to put Aragami out of the game with one shot, so the only way to proceed unscathed involves the use of teleportation, with which you can move quickly from one shadow to the next.Planning plays a crucial role, as it is essential to identify exactly the location and movements of each sentinel before deciding what to do. The skills in their possession are guaranteed by an indicator called Essenza dell’Ombra, whose runes appear on the mantle of the protagonist and become indispensable to take advantage of the movements.


If necessary, it is allowed to create a temporary shade zone to move towards places where light was present until a short time before, although in these cases the risk of being detected is considerably higher. After gaining familiarity with these interaction dynamics, it is possible to chain movements, for example by creating shaded areas as a bridge to reach a guard, knock it down and immediately return to safety in the less exposed corners of the map.


At the end of each level you receive an evaluation that takes into account various factors such as the time taken to complete the course, the number of times identified and the type of approach adopted. This last item refers to some bonuses, assigned in the eventuality in which the level was completed without ever being discovered, without killing anyone or on the contrary eliminating all the patrols in that area.

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