Tagged on Twitter, but ended up in Microsoft: It became known how the RKN “slowed down” the Runet

Network blocking experts have figured out how Roskomnadzor “slowed down” access to the social network for residents of Russia Twitter, simultaneously bringing down part of the national segment of the Internet. It’s funny and scary at the same time.

RKN uses special means to counter threats that are based on DPI technology. According to preliminary data, the speed slows down to 128 kbps.

Presumably, representatives of the department cheated, as a result of which domains that use the combination t.co (Twitter short link). This provoked catastrophic consequences, because completely extraneous sites were under attack.

Problems with sites Microsoft.com (players complain about problems with services Xbox), RT.com, IXBT.com, Championat.com, Githubusercontent.com, Reddit.com etc. However, representatives of Roskomnadzor have not yet confirmed that the failures in the work of Runet are related to the “slowdown” of Twitter.

Update. Bad news for PC players. They are having problems downloading games and updating through Steamcontent.com.

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