The popularity of game consoles is growing steadily – in the United States, more than half of households already own them.

More than half of US households have at least one game console at their disposal. This was reported by the American Consumer Technology Association.

Experts conducted a large-scale study and found that 53% of households in the country have game consoles, which is 10% more than a year earlier.

“Legacy” game consoles starting with Xbox 360, has 41% of respondents, while 26% have already met with “nextgen”, which includes Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X | S

30% of respondents said they want to buy a console within the next 12 months. A year earlier, there were 22% of such people.

20% of users who decide to get a console in the coming year are looking at “next generation systems”, while 15% want to buy “previous generation systems”. Journalists point out that these numbers may be slightly different depending on which category they are placed in. Nintendo Switch… The report contains no clarifications.

Earlier it was reported that Nintendo Switch has been leading the US for 31 months

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