Price – 719 rubles: The addition of the “Marsh of Korsus” expansion for Remnant: From the Ashes

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Company Perfect World Entertainment Inc. and developers from the studio Gunfire games reported that the addition “Marshes of corsus“For cooperative shooter Remnant: From the Ashes already available on Xbox one and Playstation 4 at the price of 719 rubles.

On sale on consoles also appeared a set of the main game and add-ons for 2,899 rubles. Among the innovations of “Korsus Marshes” is a roguelike-style game survival mode and an updated Korsus world with tons of new content, including new bosses, events, and missions.

In the “Survival” mode, a player equipped with only a gun and a handful of scrap finds himself in a completely randomized meat grinder without the possibility of rebirth among the worlds stones covered by damage. Those who cope with difficulties will receive epic rewards: new weapons, including the hero’s sword with a wave attack, and armor sets, including the Shell, which significantly reduces the damage received.

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