The PES 2018 review for PC


Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 comes with menus substantially similar to those of the last edition, the same as for the game modes, apart from a couple, and some extra options. So you can play as always the friendlies, the two UEFA European club competitions, namely Champions League and Europa League, as well as the Asian Champions. And again, some European championships, of which only a couple completely fired, and use a handful of international clubs scattered here and there. Almost all the big


English and German players are missing, and in Italy even Juventus. In short, nothing new in this sense, even if this license issue starts a bit ‘to tire out after all these years.Present then all the classic tournaments typical of the series and the mode Become a myth, now old in some respects, which is the pair with the Master League. The latter as important news offers pre-championship tournaments and a somewhat more refined market management.


Last but not least, the “real” news: online cooperative gameswith a maximum of three players per team on the same console, and the casual game. And the MyClub mode? Unfortunately, due to the unavailability of the servers, at the time of our test it was not possible for us to evaluate it together with the rest of the online sector. In any case, if we discover the modalities present in the game, let’s concentrate on what should be the beating heart of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018: the gameplay.


From this point of view we point out some steps forward compared to last season: we do not talk about total revolution, either clear, or a radical change, but improvements. Once in the field, in fact, the user finds the usual feeling with the controls and a playability similar to that of the previous chapter, but a little more refined in different facets.


The pace of play is slow and reasoned, the teams tend to build the action rather than looking for the personal one of the individual, except in cases where the phase of the match allows it and the player is called Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, just to do some examples.


People who have in their ropes the inspiration and a certain type of solitary play. Accomplice therefore a slightly more evolved artificial intelligence, virtual athletes behave more logically in the management of the ball and show a greater predisposition to respect the tactics and strategies chosen by the coach. In this way there are more intelligent movements, which follow the natural evolution of the action.Too bad for the persistence of some


track and some movements sometimes cumbersome, even if in general, those excessively muddled last season and that we had glimpsed in our previous tried, have disappeared. In fact, now you can build an action and perform the simplest gestures without having to always do too many unnatural “steps” in the micro movements because of too rigid animations. This also translates into greater ball control, a sign that the Real Touch + works, which together with a more credible “physicality” of the players in the management of the ball,with the most powerful athletes able to make their weight felt,


especially in the contrasts, they lead to an approach to the various situations of the game that are freer and more open than in the recent past. Also because the referees do not seem to spark too much by their wits, and sometimes they do not whistle rather hard interventions. However, also improvements in the conclusions to the network, but where there is a certain discrepancy in the realism of the tense throws, compared to softer ones. In the first case there is the feeling of really perceiving a certain power in the blow and a heaviness of the bottom of the ball, while in the second sometimes not.