The funny thing in The Park that in its description in the same Steam Funcom has positioned itself “AAA-developer”, but in the game of “AAA-quality” and do not close. For sure it was clear and without me, but if suddenly you are in doubt, say it again: this is not the team that once made The Longest Journey and Dreamfall first.

The Park is based on the MMO The Secret World, but for people like me who are not interested in the MMO, especially not explain what it is all about. Just Lorraine arrived with his son at an amusement park, and then began . The boy runs away, the day gives way to night, here and there glimpses of the ghosts and unpleasant images … the murderers? victims? phobias? of the past?..

From periodic monologues heroines can only make out that she herself does not seem to all homes. The Park is positioned as horror, but in fact it is – a typical “walk simulator” in which you absolutely no danger, so that there is absolutely nothing to fear. Around an abandoned complex hang terrain maps, but it is likely a joke on the part of developers, as if by accident arising obstacles in any case will not allow to go in the desired direction.

Along the way, there is only to look around and read the numerous, very wordy notes scattered absolutely vulgar way, sometimes all but one over the other. The second major entertainment attractions are the player. Maybe if The Park will be available on VR, rides on a roller coaster and the wheel someone viewing and impress, but in its current form, all these tricks seem stupid way stretch ridiculously short game.

Another Lorraine sometimes stumbles upon the unpleasant scene, but horror The Park is very far away. The worst thing that can jump out at you from the darkness – it is the grass that materializes five meters from the main character. See this in a small game for the PS4 at least strange. And while I would not call this, sorry, adventure beautiful in terms of graphics – no, certainly not! – on the part of the art design The Park my liking.

Be there a quality story, some hint of intrigue, gameplay, or at least the non-linearity – The Park could be recommended to avid fans of this particular (sub) genre. And so …

Among the “pedestrian simulation” is much more miserable game, and the mystic The Park is sometimes very atmospheric. Very dark, dark, abandoned amusement park – great scenery for a decent “horror”! Yes, and work with a sound worthy of praise. But the scenario of the thumbnails may not captivate even the miserable hour that it takes on its full passage.