I drew attention to this game for two reasons. Firstly, I was attracted by the promise of this science fiction without any cosmic and galactic princess elves. Secondly, too attractive sounds: «! King of Dragon Pass and Alpha Centauri in a bottle” And if the first item,

I do not have any complaints, because the story of survival on an alien planet is written in the best traditions of the Strugatsky (in one place their directly quoted, calling on the name of the great science fiction), those who submit the Next World as a symbiosis of King of Dragon Pass and Alpha Centauri, most likely, has not played in any of the three games. Fortunately, this formulation is not invented developers.


Review of The Next World

A ship with a thousand people on board makes emergency landing on a desolate planet. If it was not a sudden including AI, all passengers and crew would have perished before the collision with the earth’s surface. Fortunately, nearly half of the colonists were saved, but some of the living envy the dead: there is no atmosphere, all supplies are destroyed or scattered throughout the area, and the oxygen in spacesuits ends.

Put a residential unit and send it found transport to search for surviving cargo – is only half the story. Several hundred people are constantly hungry – your hero will have to wisely allocate available supplies, and the inscription “food left for 2 days” pretty much puts pressure on the nerves.

Children begin to behave strangely, weather prevents equip the colony, and enterprising people from under the counter selling dangerous tangle-legs. Excuse bootlegger the first time – in the next it decides that it’s time to cook . Can we put in the air the person Gateway, whose guilt is not possible to prove due to the lack of tangible evidence? Of course, dear readers, you decide! But there are unhappy in almost any case.

Review of The Next World

Small random events are replaced by important decisions, which undermine the very survival of the settlement. Should we sacrifice the daily output of if it will improve the health of the population? At some point visual novel ends and we offer artless fun Build a colony of his dreams (of what you will find on the site of the wreck of the ship). To make ends meet is difficult, because the success of any expedition is always questionable: at any moment can descend a hurricane and all your subordinates die.

But people – the only resource that can not immediately make up (although its excesses – ironically and inadvertently authors – bring some problems).

However, if you do not make strategic mistakes frankly dangerous, then build a self-sufficient society will be possible well before the finals. Of course, the first few weeks of management modules and resources draws, but sooner or later there comes a tipping point when the supply is compared with demand (for one reason or another …), and then the production issues can be laid entirely on the shoulders of automation.

Review of The Next World

Administer the fate difficult, but all of our minor problems – it is only thin branches on the trunk of the main plot. Quite interesting that pretend to do science fiction (for example, the atmosphere on the planet trying to create not abstract units, and the influence of specially bred microorganisms dolomite), but not abstract (see. King of Dragon Pass), so that in The Next World was fun to play more than once in a row.

The closer to the end – the greater the interchange, but all the same story at once – like a good book, you do not mind reading, but you tomorrow, obviously, for it did not take it.

The illustrations, by the way, very organic look: the first time in recent months, I came across a visual novel, in which adult men and women, in fact, similar to adult men and women. Selected authors of the planet – almost barren desert – not a mesmerizing views, but on the appearance of The Next World I’m not mad.

Review of The Next World