The new revision of the PlayStation 5 console has become hotter – Sony has reduced the radiator

In mid-August, Sony began selling Playstation 5 the second revision – with a modified screw for the stand and is 300 grams lighter.

Technoblogger Austin Evans one of the first to manage to get himself an updated console and compare it with the original model. According to the test results, it turned out that the new, lighter version of PS5 remained at about the same noise level, but heats up at 3-5 ° C higher than the previous revision

After disassembling both systems to compare internal components, Austin discovered the cause. In the new revision, Sony has redesigned the heatsink, significantly reducing its size, and also replacing the large copper substrate with an aluminum one.… Hence the lighter design: the internal board of the new revision, together with the radiator, weighs 1368 gramwhile the old one is 1639 gram

For clarity, here’s what the original PlayStation 5 heatsink looks like (left) and the new one (right):

Austin’s new PS5 also featured a different cooling fan with 17 blades versus 23 in its old console, however, different versions of the coolers, as it was revealed earlier, have been installed since the start of sales.

Another visible difference is the new Wi-Fi receiver component in the lighter model. The changes are obviously associated with a reduction in the cost of production. Back in early August, Sony announced that it was no longer selling the disc PS5 at a loss.

The updated revision of the PS5 at least has already appeared in Australia. The easiest way to distinguish it from the past is to compare the serial numbers of the consoles on the box. New ones are marked with an index CFI-11XX, while the old ones are marked CFI-1XXX

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