Before the game Modern Warfare Call of Duty series is not needed in the disclosure of motivation villains, because the writers did the story itself.

Any Losers and slacker can open any book and make sure that Hitler and the Nazi Party did not appear out of the blue, and the Soviet, British and American soldiers were enough reasons to peel of the Nazis from all the guns.

Subject campaign Infinite Warfare is arranged on a different principle: Dzhon Snou (sorry, in fact the name of this indistinct bad guy, I do not remember) appears again in a couple of hours, it broadcasts some heresy in the spirit of “humans will suffer, and Mars – forever! “and disappears. Apparently, the boy is very angry.

In the future, humans have colonized Mars, but the settlers soon gained independence. While slow-witted inhabitants of the planet involved incomprehensible nonsense, the Martians built misanthropic regime created a huge fleet, made military robots.

They gain strength – and attacked the Earth, one stroke destroying all its combat spaceships. Besides the two. Nick Reyes, the protagonist of the campaign, because of the circumstances becomes captain of the surviving “Retribution.”

Now he will have to be worn throughout the solar system, in a desperate attempt napartizanit to win this war.

I have to say: first campaign really draws. Call of Duty confidently stepped into space, so look at the scenery here – it is a pleasure. Even the familiar (almost) rail shooting does not stop, because there is a hero who can empathize!

This naparnitsa Reyes Salter, and the robot Ethan, and Sergeant Omar, and many other slave Reyes. Do not expect any revelations, but by the standards of Call of Duty characters have turned out colorful and memorable. It is a pity that the developers manage the available material in a very peculiar …

If in peacetime, we can be a bit like the ship, watch the crew and see the latest news release, this Call of Duty nothing special in terms of fighting. Of course, the opportunity to storm any plant, and then jump into a fighter and finish melteshaschih opponents in the sky is good.

First time. But (without) dogfights turned commonplace and sketchy, literally disposable, although such battles here quite a lot.

Whether something similar to last year’s Battlefront – it would be great, because the opportunity to fly in the X-Wing to your favorite music and well worth it sounds, but once again chase the Martian “shustryakami” listening to the same negotiating allies, bored pretty fast.

Conventional shootout innovations are not particularly encouraging. Levels mostly narrow and close, though there are pleasant exceptions.

But even in those moments when you stomp on the hull of an enemy destroyer, you will not leave feeling that Reyes are constantly on the handle.

But the set of toys turned out good: homing grenades sniffer devices for hacking enemy robots, small combat drones.