The murdered Natasha from Avengers Finale was shown in the new Black Widow trailer

Film company Marvel introduced the new trailer for the solo film “Black Widow” about the heroine Natasha Romanova, who was killed on Wormir in the superhero blockbuster “Avengers: Final”.

In the new video of the Black Widow, they showed a lot of new shots, including chases, fights, and most importantly, the battle of Natasha Romanova, who died in Avengers: Final, against the villain Taskmaster. According to, at the beginning of the trailer, Black Widow addresses her longtime girlfriend Elena Belova. She tells her that she is on the run, wants to become a different person and stop being a killer. Natasha also reveals that she left one unfinished business. In addition, the trailer also showed how special forces were hunting for the Black Widow and her friend Elena Belova, and actor David Harbor, known for the TV series “Very Strange Things,” was fighting some bandits.

The trailer for The Black Widow also featured other spies, possibly hunting for Natasha Romanova and Elena Belova. The main thing in the video was the appearance of the villain of the film Taksmaster, as well as a demonstration of his combat capabilities. Judging by the video, he is an experienced fighter who is not inferior to the Black Widow in battle. In addition, he actively uses his shield as Captain America, who, along with Natasha, appeared in the movie Avengers: Final. The taxmaster not only fights off bullets with a shield, but also throws it at opponents. At the end of the trailer, Natasha and Taksmaster meet face to face.

According to, the release of The Black Widow, in which viewers will again be able to see Natasha Romanova, who died in the movie Avengers: Final, will take place on April 30, 2023.