The most realistic battle simulator for PC offer to take for free and forever

PC players were offered to pick up the full version of the game of the most realistic battle simulator for free Totally accurate battle simulator from studio Landfall games, and keep it in your collection forever. But in order to get the game, you need to act quickly.

According to, the new distribution of the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator game was launched in the Epic Games Store game service on a PC, and is available to all users of the service as part of the action of daily holiday distributions. In order to pick up a copy of the TABS game in their collection, players will only need their own account in the EGS service. After that, going to the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator game page, you need to click the get button for free, and in the next window confirm your free order. Now the game will be forever tied to your account, and it can be installed at any time.

It is worth noting that the new daily distribution of games from Epic Games is valid only during the day, and therefore the new offer will be available only until December 26, 19:00 Moscow time. After that, another free game will appear in the distribution, which can be obtained within a day. Such a promotion will last every day until the end of 2019, according to

The game December 26 Totally Accurate Battle Simulator was released in April 2019, and at the moment has extremely positive reviews from almost 20 thousand gamers on Steam. The main feature of the game is stylized graphics and fun ragdoll physics of characters, the battles of which players can freely arrange in different historical eras.