The main heroine of the Unreal Engine 5 tech-demo game for PlayStation 5 will be added to Fortnite

The main character of the official tech demos of the next generation Unreal Engine 5 for the PlayStation 5 console added to the royal battle Fortnite as a skin. Datamines have detected an Echo image in the files of the last update of the game

Insider Found Echo Skin in Fortnite Files

Last year’s tech demos Unreal Engine 5

Presumably, Echo may appear in Fortnite at the same time as the transition of the battle royale to the Unreal Engine 5, but Epic Games has not yet commented on this.

The developers announced plans to port Fortnite to Unreal Engine 5 in the day of the presentation of the technical demos of the engine for the PlayStation 5… They originally set out to implement the plan by mid-2021.

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