The Long Journey Home takes us to space

he will of developers is in fact to offer a multitude of different game experiences, to create a dialogue between the players in the community to bring out as many hidden secrets as possible, a noble and mammoth intent but also particularly difficult to complete. 


We have heard about this kind of promises in the last few months, and even thinking of No Man’s Sky should give you the idea of ​​how fragile the balances of securities are ready to give you boundless space by promising infinite variables. Will the Long Journey Home succeed in the enterprise instead?


A leap in hyperspace ended badly, a spaceship that is lost among the galaxies and a crew of four members who must find alone, with the little knowledge available, the way back to Earth. Three simple elements that represent all you need to know to start this new space adventure.


The Long Journey Home is not lost in preamble and, with the exception of a minute tutorial, you quickly abandon yourself in deep space hoping to know how to get away on your own: trust us if we tell you that you will not be.In fact, the information in your possession before starting to play is few and confusing. You will be allowed to take on board four


specialists among the ten available but you will not know how these will be useful in the course of the adventure and, in hindsight, this situation will also be repeated for


all your other games. About your crew it is interesting to discover the behavior of the various protagonists, their interactions and their will but everything is hidden and hidden under a carpet inexplicably. A feature that often gets lost guiltily, taken as you will be in looking for the next supply point.

The Long Journey Home takes us into space

The Long Journey Home creates a stellar map procedurally at each restart, hides unprecedented pitfalls with every jump between one system and another and will put you against different civilizations, with different desires from time to time. As any self-respecting roguelike the difficulty is therefore not evaluable because, basically, it changes depending on your luck.


If the blindfolded goddess will assist you then the members of your crew could have the skills necessary to accomplish the missions, otherwise you will find yourself limping right away in a hostile and determined space to crush.Randomness, in other words, is the master once again.


There are only two other factors under your control before the departure that basically affect the spaceship you drive and the probe for landings, you can select from a short list of airplanes (some more ships would not have been bad in fact) and that will direct you towards a precise style of play.


On the one hand there are cargo ships made to travel slowly and collect large amounts of resources and on the other ships made instead to do less jumps in hyperspace but of greater length,


obviously requiring less resources for survival. Whatever will be the option chosen will then be the interstellar map to make you understand if you have had a good idea or if yours turns out to be a reckless move.


You will die often and in the most atrocious ways: your crew will be torn to pieces, will be inundated by radiation, die suffocated, suffer fractures, you will get fatal alien diseases and will go against every other terrible fate that can come to your mind, several times. To prevent this from happening, you will be called on to explore the galaxy calmly, gather resources from the planets and make alliances with the hundreds of alien species that populate your universe.


You will meet peaceful and friendly peoples and other fierce and blood-thirsty races in a continuous succession of events that will make your expedition a real nightmare.When things get really bad you will not be able to refrain from firing your cannons and open fire with extremely simplified combat mechanics using the portions of the astral map as an arena.


The game system will provide you with plenty of tools for dialogue, will provide you with options to decide what to do and how to behave and your actions could have consequences even on long distance,


or perhaps go completely unnoticed. Once you are alone at the controls of your ship you will have to set the course using the gravity of the planets as a whip to save fuel while traveling but also to calibrate perfectly the docking curve to put you in orbit. In this case the autopilot


system will meet you but it is not so complex to steer the ship and the intuitive controls facilitate a task that could have become truly traumatic given


the amount of times you will be called upon to repeat it. You will thus find yourself jumping from one planet to another in fluency, dodging meteorites as you float between the stars, one eye on the shell of the hull and another on the fuel tank.