The limits are only illusions

For years now, the NBA 2K series of Visual Concepts has risen to the status of the best electronic basketball simulation. On the other hand, as we always say, just play at least once to one of the titles that form the saga,especially the most recent, to realize that never so much fame was deserved.


The development team seems to have taken as a reference a famous sentence by Michael Jordan, the same that we used to give the title to this review, and also with NBA 2K17 seems to confirm that the growth of this franchise has and will not have limits in the future, at least until there will be them and their passion to animate it. Once again, as we will see shortly, while not revolutionizing their creations compared to the past edition,


Visual Concepts has managed to give the public a new improved edition always in relation to the one that preceded it, working on three simple and important aspects: filing the defects of 2016, improving even more what was good and offering some new content, but without putting it there by chance, just to make a number.

NBA 2K17 brings back on our screens all the charm and the spectacularity of the great basketball


NBA 2K17 offers by now tradition a huge amount of ways in which to literally indulge yourself or in the company of friends and acquaintances, locally or through the Internet, using the various teams of the American NBA, some national or historical team (depending on version of the game taken) or twenty-one of the best European, including the sixteen Euroleague this year, such as Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv, Panathinaikos Superfoods Athens or Real Madrid.


Beating heart of the production remain My Player / My Career and My GM / My League. In the first, which we have analyzed in large part in our proven a few days ago and that we invite you to read for more details,the user is called to impersonate a college promise, from the first challenges to college, to the Draft and to the top of the nba 2k17 xbox one, in a mode characterized by a narrative structure that then combines the game element with the whole outline of the life of the athlete.

The limits are only illusions

He is busy juggling friendships, a mother a bit ‘too intrusive, the shadow of the legendary Kobe Bryant, managers distracted and so on and so forth.


The character must be created from scratch through a complete internal editor, and if you want you can apply his face scanned by an app called MyNBA2K17, which actually does not always work well. After that it must be made to grow in the field and out thanks to a sort of GDR style system and the Virtual Currency, the official currency of the game.

The story told in NBA 2K17 puts aside the drama and the strongly cinematic imprint of the one edited by Spike Lee last year, in favor of a lighter storyline, but still fun to live and play.

nba 2k17 soundtrack

The 11 extra songs in the game not revealed before

1. Bands – White Dave

2. Stronger – Kevin Ross

3. Writing On The Wall – Paper Route

4. Blood In The Cut – K. Flay

5. Gold Remix – Imagine Dragons

6. Wings – Imagine Dragons

7. California Remix – Grimes

8. Scream – Grime

9. Maimi Koopi – A Tribe Called Red Ft. OKA and Chippewa Travellers

10. Highs and Lows – Hagler

11. Troop – Daxz

The 2 songs played during prelude

1. Posso – Tidal Wave feat. Kaleena Zanders

2. Posso – So High

My Player / nba 2k17 badges is also once again extended to the network to allow users to expand and share the experience with other real players, and enjoy other gaming options,including My Park, multiplayer mode dedicated to “street” basketball. By the way, until the moment when we tried the game, the servers have held up quite well: so we hope that no problems will appear in the coming days and that they work properly in the past.


My GM / My League opens up instead to a multitude of options: depending on the choice you can in fact interpret the role of a General Manager, managing both from an administrative and technical point of view a team, or an entire League having control total, developing a franchise that lasts only one season or up to eighty years,


freely intervening on the various parameters that regulate both the gameplay and the organization of the tournaments, from the salary cap for salaries up to the number of races per season, to the teams to insert up to a maximum of thirty-six. Also within this area you can also play a season or just playoffs controlling your favorite team.


There are also My League Online, and Start Today, where to lead an nba 2k17 pc  team starting from the standings and the real statistics of the moment when you decide to control it. However, the latter will be available from 25 October. To complete the picture there are the usual Friendlies, the various challenges to be played with or against one or more friends,


My Team, a sort of Ultimate Basketball Team where to build from scratch a team composed of current players and legends, and where accumulate points to buy new packages containing other samples, upgrades, and so on, that this 2KU tutorial mode, with the USA Team 2016 and Mike Krzyzewski, the coach who also boasts the most victories in Division I as well as being the American national basketball coach who won the gold medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016, where to practice.