The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Review

You’re six ninjas
The story of the game follows the story of the film and sees six young people as the protagonists who, in addition to conducting their normal lives, have a second life in which they defend the city as the mysterious ninja, preventing the wicked Lord Garmadon from gaining victory.
 To complicate the story is the fact that Lloyd, the protagonist, is the son of Lord Garmadon, which is why his existence in the city of Ninjago is far from peaceful. Without going further into the story that we let you discover on the big screen of the movie or the small one on your TV, we can tell you that you will be facing the classic offer that the LEGO world has used to us: a solid story, infamous with rich humor references to pop culture and non-sense moments, all dressed in a cast of pretty colorful characters. Positive note for Italian dubbing, really good billing. The story is told through movies taken from the movie version: therefore, we recommend the film’s first view, which will allow you to follow the game’s story more easily.
The technical section is in line with other LEGO productions: we will find ourselves in a world of colorful bricks, beautiful to see, with a well-designed design level.
 By making a small mention to the gaming engine, the game usually runs smoothly, although in the PS4 version we have some sporadic hiccups, especially in the most cramped situations. Small bad note for loading times, which at times are really too long.
Bricks with katane
The legacy of gameplay of The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogameremains the same as any other LEGO title: we are faced with levels achieved entirely through the famous bricks, where most of the objects are destructive, giving you chips to collect and accumulate, and secrets to discover. On the way, we will face enemies, build objects, and even fly in space shoot’em up game sections.
These sections, in particular, help break the rhythm of the game, making the overall experience more varied and intriguing. As we said, then, everything is in perfect LEGO style, a style that, despite being far more than rumored, still can entertain. Especially because, as a tradition, the game can be completely dealt with in the company of a second player: element, this, which makes LEGO Ninjago a perfect game for parents who want to accompany their children in their first gaming experience, and for older players who are simply looking for a light game to deal with in the company.
To cope with the tiredness the Lego brand perceived for some years now, developers have thought to implement some change to the basic formula.
LEGO Ninjagois much more action-oriented than its predecessors, so that developers have implemented a combo system in game fights. This makes the struggles much more satisfying, and although it is not a complex or stratified system, it is still an interesting addition to the formula.
The same can be said of the skill tree: during the game we will gain special coins, which we can spend to acquire new skills and enhance our characters. They are of various types, ranging from increased damage to a greater range of attacks, and so on. Even in this case, this is not an innovative concept, but still succeeds in giving a welcome blow to the title formula of this series.
The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Review
As a tradition, therefore, ending a level is only the first step towards completion: the game moves back to our steps, offering so many secrets to discover and secondary activities to complete .