On Instagram, the PlayStation post with the PlayStation 5 logo attracted more attention than the announcement of the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards

Not even a day has passed since the moment Sony showed the official logo Playstation 5, and the platform holder is already leading the race in reaching users on social networks. Post to Instagramwho posted the official account Playstation, attracted the attention of a much larger audience than the announcement of the console Xbox Series X during The Game Awards 2019.

This morning, on the official PlayStation page on Instagram, an image of the PS5 logo was posted, which Sony presented at CES 2023. At the moment, this simple picture has typed more than 4.5 million likes. At the same time, a message from the official Xbox account about the announcement of the Xbox Series X, posted on December 12, 2019, collected only about 990 thousand likes. In part, this huge gap can be explained by the number of subscribers, but it is worth noting that the PlayStation account is watched by twice as many people as the Xbox page, and Sony has beaten Microsoft four and a half times in activity related to the new generation consoles.

As for another popular social network, Twitter, the news about the logo caused a heated discussion among users. Players mainly discuss two things: Sony’s decision to show only the console logo on CES 2023, postponing coverage of other PS5 parts for later, and the fact that it hasn’t changed much since PS4, as it happened when switching, for example, to PS3.

How people mock the PS5 logo:

At a press conference, Sony also updated PlayStation 4 sales data with PlayStation VR and provided other statistics.

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