The Legend of Zelda

For example, consider all those who, having a great knowledge of the gaming world, want to start the adventure differently from the initial stages; for them, this is a really fun occasion, stimulated by the presence of rescue slots separate from those dedicated to the main story.

The Sword Test instead speaks to the ranks of players at the end of the game (you must be in possession of the Supreme Sword), and it declines into a sort of level arena, with a total of 45 increasing difficulties, awesome, but most of all, without any mistake, as the game over will make us all over again, all the gaming dynamics.

Stripping off all the objects that we will be redirected to the end, we face one after the other a series of levels from the first clashes with a simple twig to the bosses and beyond. Meanwhile, you need to help with all the learned survival techniques, including harvesting, cooking, and potions, to make the most of the resources of these small maps, and then keep up the room.

At regular intervals, however, we will find levels dedicated to the supply of weapons and food, perfect for resuming the forces before resuming. The difficulty here too is much higher than the average challenge level of the game and we suggest that you come up with plenty of hearts and with an important concentration rate because every mistake will cost you dearly.

Both modes allow the player to enjoy a side of The Legend of Zelda’s Breath of the Wild , which puts the player ahead of a continuous struggle for survival, where exploration is cautious, avoidable combat (not a in the next paragraph we will find certain useful equipment in this regard) and the incumbent calamity. GPS Running Tracker

Legendary Proofs, The Legend of Zelda

The Hero’s Way, on the other hand, is an interesting feature of the Sheikah tablet, which will be activated once the season pass has been obtained. It tracks our moves on the game map, as well as our activities; it shows the full path as it can play it piece after piece telling us how much we have lingered in one area or going to another. Its main goal, in addition to the diarrhea for those who are interested in this kind of thing, is to keep under control what areas we have explored and what not, so we know where to look for missing shrimp counts.

Clearly, it is not a fundamental object, especially for those who love true exploration, but remains an interesting addition. Amulet of Teletravel, Korogu Mask and Majora Mask

Legendary Proofs, The Legend of Zelda

These three objects, to be strictly searched according to the classical structure of game quests from some general clue to the land morphology, greatly improve the exploration capabilities of our young hero. The first one will teleport us to a point previously set on the map so that we can return to the city to supply us without the need to stop shipping.

It should be borne in mind that this amulet is particularly suitable for the search for the latest shrines and, more generally, in many exploratory moments dealt with in master mode. Likewise, the two masks in the paragraph title, Korogu and Majora, have proved to be particularly useful, the first nothing but start to shine, so to warn us about the presence of a coru-seed in the vicinity.

Legendary Proofs, The Legend of Zelda

There are two complete sets, one of the spectra and the tingle, absolutely unavoidable because they both have very special features. The former has good defensive values ​​and increases attack potential, while the latter increases the speed at night, most notably the most dangerous time for displacements in the Hyrule lands. To conclude, let’s mention the Midna’s mask, convenient for dealing with ancestral enemies, as it increases defense against the attacks of the latter.