The last shelter

 shadows of kurgansk review

The game offers three modes: History, consisting of the tutorial and the two maps of the single player campaign; Survival, in which you simply need to be able to survive as long as possible by doing what you want freely; and Adventure, in which burst missions are always held in order to survive.


The game mechanics are typical of the survival genre:at the beginning there is almost nothing, but collecting raw materials and resources of fortune slowly and slowly get to be well armed and well defended, as well as satolli of food and water. What are the raw materials and how to recover them you can imagine yourself: rocks to split, trees to be cut, fences to be demolished, fuels to burn, contaminated water to be purified and so on. How are objects built?


Easy: selecting the recipes from the menus that make up the crafting section. If you have all the necessary resources, the object is created immediately, otherwise we are told what we are missing and how to get to it.


Unfortunately,the backpack that we carry around has no infinite space and if our booty goes beyond the transportable weight, the protagonist slows down in the grip of excessive effort, so you always need to make choices.


Not all objects can be built immediately: some of the recipes must be discovered, while others are linked to the missions. Others still require the use of a work table, a laboratory table or a stove.


The values ​​to keep an eye on are health, hunger, thirst, and psychic stability.Unmissable the presence of shelters, with the possibility of building them of fortune in case of strict necessity , such as when you are outdoors at night in a particularly dangerous area. After the twenty-four hours in play, then a full day / night cycle, you automatically go up a level and you can spend the accumulated experience points to improve the characteristics of the character.


So far Shadows of Kurgansk works well. It does not try to stand out from the competition, apart from the graphical point of view, with a cell shading that looks like the poor version of Borderlands 2, but the limits of its mechanics start to manifest themselves soon and inexorably.

Shadows of Kurgansk is yet another survival that does not offer any original ideas

 shadows of kurgansk gameplay


One of Shadows of Kurgansk’s most obvious problems is the combat system, which simply does not work. As already said, the protagonist can create many different weapons. Among rudimentary tools like wrenches or badly finished axes, and more complex weapons, like pistols and rifles, the tools to fight are not lacking. Too bad that it does not give any satisfaction, any weapon is used. 



Meanwhile, it must be said that the enemies are for the most part questionable from the stylistic point of view, since their clothing clashes with the setting.

In short, hooded men who seem to come out of a movie of vampires in New York, demonic dogs and all the rest of the company are little in line with a desolate world and constantly swept by radioactive anomalies and acid rain.


We understand that now in the most famous survival can happen a bit ‘of everything,because they are titles designed not to say much more than their mechanics and are often the victims of a degrading kitsch due to the need to produce constant jet updates, but we do not exaggerate.


This was not enough, the “villains” of shadows of kurgansk ios are also uninteresting to deal with, because they usually only attack the protagonist head down, suffering his blows with indifference, and are more or less dangerous depending on the level reached:the stronger we are, the stronger they become.


This results in situations that make progression really frustrating, with deaths caused by opponents who do not go to the mat even after having suffered dozens of shots, identical in appearance (apart from some color) to those who died after a couple of blows well dealt with a simple wrench.


Speaking of dead, it should be noted that even the respawn system works badly: both the enemies and the character.