New Gothic announced with next-generation graphics

Company Thq nordic officially announced a new game Gothic (“Gothic”) for a new generation of gaming platforms. The new Gothic will be a completely remake of the original game from scratch. Piranha bytesreleased back in 2001.

According to, after the fans reacted positively to the prototype of the new Gothic remake, recently released on Steam, the company decided to make a full-fledged game, and announced this officially. At the moment, the development of the game has just started, and a new studio has been opened specifically to create the project THQ Nordic Barcelonathat will do the work. Representatives of THQ Nordic promised with all responsibility to approach the creation of a remake, and give players a modern and authentic look at the iconic “Gothic”. In addition, the company plans to study all the wishes of the players to make a game that they like.

According to THQ Nordic, the new Gothic will receive completely new graphics, and will be focused on the new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, as well as on PC. The release dates for the new game were not named, but given all the circumstances, the project will appear no earlier than 2023. New generation platforms are expected to be released this fall.

A few months earlier, THQ Nordic unexpectedly released a gaming teaser prototype of the new Gothic remakewhich you can still download and go for free. The prototype was developed in just a few months by a small team to test players’ interest in a possible full game. According to, almost 95% of the players who tested the Gothic teaser expressed interest in the full project, but many drew attention to the numerous prototype problems that need to be taken into account.