The house of the killer

Even if only by quoting Steam, it is really coming out of everything, with a very open eye on the flourishing market of the youtuber, an ideal vehicle to give a rapid relevance to a production. With this in mind, games like this Emily Wants to Play are developed, a strategic survival in first person that takes some ideas from the successful series of titles Five Nights at Freddy’s, already small classics in the universe streaming thanks to simple mechanics, rapid performances and great scare, defined in jargon “jump scares”.


Weapon of excellence in the horror genre of entertainment, consists of a scene meticulously mined to vent the adrenaline of the viewer after a period of tension more or less prolonged, the notorious sequences “phone calls”, or exploited in order to be completely unpredictable.


Videogames have quickly adopted the technique of jumping on the chair, already experimented in the first Resident Evil(who remembers the dog that breaks through the window?), and also Emily Wants to Play can make wide and wise use. The most impressive thing is that this tiny and scary game was developed by one person in just four months, using the Unreal Engine.

The house of killer dolls

The scares are guaranteed with Emily Wants to Play, will we manage to escape from the damn house?


The incipit of Emily Wants to Play is extremely simple: in the shoes of an unfortunate pizza delivery boy, we find ourselves trapped in a dismal home, just where we had to make the last delivery of the day. The entrance door closes behind us, revealing for a moment the disquieting figure of a white-haired girl. There is no way out, all the windows have been barred, while we find scattered boxes everywhere for the house.

The house of killer dolls

The idea suggested is that the owners were about to leave the house, and during our tragic adventure we will unfortunately have to discover the reasons. Having no choice but to explore the environment, we quickly become witnesses to a series of sinister events: doors that open themselves, subliminal apparitions, strange noises, figures moving in the shadows and the presence of dolls and puppets lay down everywhere.


Reading a note in the kitchen, we discover that starting from midnight we will become the protagonists of a mortal game: the rule is to survive until six in the morning, if we arrive unharmed at the first light of dawn, the mysterious entity that dominates the house will allow us finally to go out.


The purpose of Emily Wants to Play is just that of survival, once we arrive at the house we have an hour to explore it in relative safety (but not tranquility), once the midnight strikes, however, the dolls begin to come alive and we will have to understand hurry the right strategy to evade them, considering that no combat system is provided. Otherwise it will follow instant death after a scary scene.


Every hour the difficulty increases with the combined attack of the puppets, to which is added later also the title Emily, a dangerous little ghost girl who challenges us to a bloody interpretation of hide and seek. We have a limited amount of time to find the small, past which we will suffer its attack. There is no way to react to the assault, the only way is to find Emily before time runs out, unfortunately trying to keep her three lethal teammates at bay. Easier said that done.