The hidden pool, the language of the Roflanov and Uncle Bogdan – what memes do everyone know about Papic?

On September 14, Vitaliy Arthas Tsal, also known as Papic, presented the painting “The Greatest” to the fans. The artist depicted the streamer as Wraith King, and also left on the canvas more than ten references to the history of Tsal’s streams. Let’s remember the funniest memes associated with Papich.





Wraith King and the Hidden Pool

Let’s start with Tsal’s signature hero in Dota 2 – Wraith King. In the CIS, some players even call this character Papic. All his fans know the legendary “Nya” and learned to play for WK according to his guides.

In 2019, Papic stopped playing Dota altogether. He was sure that he was constantly in a kind of “hidden pool”, where, in his opinion, players with a large number of reports were sent. Some are convinced that the “hidden pool” does exist, but there is no evidence for this. In addition, Tsal constantly complained about streamsnipers who deliberately “ruin” his games.

In 2023, Valve released a lasso for Wraith King with the same hero appearance, and many hoped that after that Tsal would again have a desire to play, but the streamer did not appreciated new item and finally statedthat will not return to Dota 2. However, Papic notedthat the only option in which he could return to Dota is if the developers removed the decency system.

Victory Anthem VI KA

When Papich wins a game, he often chops off the song that everyone used to call VI KA. If you’ve watched at least a few Tsal’s streams, the first thing that appears in your head when you hear this melody is the image of Papich, who is happily shouting or exercising with dumbbells.

In fact, the original title of the song is WWE Kurt Angle Theme. It was invented for the wrestler Kurt Angel, and under it he entered the ring. Arthas himself heard this melody from a streamer who played Mortal Kombat and played the song on every victory. Papic took the chip for himself, and his fans now consider this track to be Tsal’s victory anthem.



Genius NetScroll 120 mouse review

In 2016, Papich released a review of his favorite computer mouse, the Genius NetScroll 120. He claimed that this model was the best he had. According to Tsal, during his life he spent more than $ 2.5 thousand on the purchase of computer mice, and “a mouse over $ 10 is a piece ***”. After the review, good reviews and recommendations began to appear on sites selling Genius NetScroll 120.

Shadow Fiend walk

In 2018, Papich unexpectedly took part in a video interview. Fans noticed Tsal’s unusual gait. Some compared him with the Dota 2 character Shadow Fiend, while others found similarities with the gait of the MMA fighter Conor McGregor.

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