S1mple is 23 years old – remember his career in memes (and not only)
eSports NEWS
October 2nd to one of the best players in Counter-Strike history Alexander s1mple Kostylev turned 23 years old. The career of a stellar esports player
Xbox got a TikTok account – the first video has a lot of memes about Xbox Series S / X
Fresh News
Microsoft although she could not acquire TikTok, but did not miss the opportunity to jump into the rapidly gaining popularity of the social network to
The hidden pool, the language of the Roflanov and Uncle Bogdan – what memes do everyone know about Papic?
Fresh News
On September 14, Vitaliy Arthas Tsal, also known as Papic, presented the painting “The Greatest” to the fans. The artist depicted the streamer
Washing machine or column? Best Xbox Series S design memes
Fresh News
On September 8, Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Series S – the younger version of the Xbox Series X. The company’s design instantly
Drakeface has a competitor: Netizens are actively creating memes with Halo Infinite
Fresh News
Online presentation held on July 23 Xbox Games Showcase delighted viewers not only with the debut trailer S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, the announcement of a new Fable
Fresh screenshot of the remake of Demon’s Souls became the basis for memes – review
Fresh News
Sony released a fresh remake screenshot Demon’s souls, which instantly became the basis for memes. It depicts an early boss –
Floor Fan – Buy: PlayStation 5 design spawned a lot of memes
Fresh News
Last night’s presentation of games for Playstation 5during which it was first demonstrated and Sony’s next-generation console itself, did not leave
From the fan to the Sauron Tower – the best memes about the new PlayStation 5 design
Fresh News
On the night of June 12, Sony Corporation showed the final design of the PlayStation 5. The gaming community met the console’s look with humor, filling
The size of the update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare caused dissatisfaction and fell into trends – gamers reacted with memes.
Fresh News
Fans Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone among the owners of the Xbox One console today are faced with the need to download an impressive amount of update –
Streisand effect in all its glory: Sony and Naughty Dog are unsuccessfully fighting with memes about The Last of Us: Part II
Fresh News
Earlier Gamemag reported that the company Sony trying to cover all discussion of leaks by The Last of Us: Part II. In this case, the platform holder acts

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